Søknad R-102 - over Oslo sentrum

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Søknadsskjema, søknadsprosedyre og regelverk for droneflyging over Oslo sentrum.

Instruks om søknadsprosedyre:

  • Det skal søkes før man kan fly innenfor restriksjonsområde 102, R-102, over Oslo sentrum.
  • Fyll ut «NF-1129 Søknadsskjema flyging med drone i EN R102 (Oslo sentrum)».
  • Send skjemaet til postmottak@caa.no.
  • Merk: Det skal ligge til grunn et samfunnsnyttig formål før det kan innvilges dispensasjon fra flygeforbudet.
  • Søknad om flyging i restriksjonsområde ilegges gebyr ihht. Gebyrforskriften § 33.

Instructions in English:

  • You have to apply before flying an unmanned aircraft (drone) in the permanent restricted area over the center of Oslo (R-102).
  • Fill in «NF-1129E Application form for flying drone in EN R102 (Central Oslo)».
  • Send the form to postmottak@caa.no.
  • Notice: To get an exemption from the flight restrictions there has to be a purpose that is beneficial for the community.
  • Applying for an exemption from the flight ban is regulated according to § 33 in the Norwegian Fee Regulations related to aviation (Gebyrforskriften).


Les forskrift om opprettelse av et permanent restriksjonsområde over sentrum av Oslo.



Unofficial English translation regarding regulation on the establishment of a permanent restricted area over the center of Oslo.

Established by the Civil Aviation Authority Norway on October 16, 2007, pursuant to the Act of 11 June 11, 1993, No. 101 about aviation (Aviation Act) § 9-1, § 15-3 and § 15-4, cf. regulation of December 10, 1999, No. 1272 about who is the aviation authority pursuant to the Aviation Act and delegation decision of December 10, 1999, No. 1273.

§ 1. Objective

The purpose of this regulation is to establish a permanent restricted area in uncontrolled airspace over the center of Oslo in order to reduce the risk of aviation incidences with the potential consequences these may have in relation to central government functions.

§ 2. Disciplinary scope

This regulation applies to the following area:

EN R102

Lateral extension: 1 nautical mile radius around position 595500N0104400E

Vertical extension: SFC-3000 FT AMSL.

§ 3. Air space restrictions and consequences

All flights within the restricted area are banned unless special exemption is granted.

The ban does not apply to flights in connection with police, ambulance, defense, search and rescue assignments, provided that the flight is arranged according to published recommendations for VFR traffic in the Oslo area.

Other flights with beneficial purposes for the community may be granted an exemption from the flight ban based on conditions set by the Civil Aviation Authority.

§ 4. Effective date

This regulation came into force on November 1, 2007.