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Phraseology when advising TORA

ICAO EUR/NAT has advised the Norwegian CAA about a safety concern related to phraseology in the European Regional Supplementary Procedures Doc 7030 which conflicts with guidance provided in the Manual on the Prevention of Runway Incursions Doc 9870, see attached letter from ICAO dated 15 December 2011. Paragraph 4 requests each state to take the necessary action to prevent the phrase “take off” when referring to TORA.

ICAO EUR/NAT has in addition in a letter of 15 February 2012, see attachment, distributed a Proposal for Amendment of Doc 7030/5 related to this issue.

Based on these two letters from ICAO we ask the stakeholders to use the proposed phraseology from ICAO when advising TORA from an intersection take-off position:

TORA RUNWAY (number), FROM INTERSECTION (designation or name of intersection), (distance in metres).

Note: TORA pronounced TOR-AH.