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ACAS requirement for operations in Norwegian airspace - documentation

As from 01 April 2002, civil, fixed-wing turbine-engined aircraft with MTOM exceeding 15.000 kgs or a max. approved seating configuration of more than 30, are not allowed to operate in Norwegian airspace unless equipped with ACAS II/TCAS II Version 7. This requirement has until now been mentioned as a condition in traffic permissions granted by the Civil Aviation Authority - Norway, and applies to all aircraft satisfying the mentioned description.

In order to ensure that the ACAS/TCAS requirement is complied with, CAA Norway has decided not to issue traffic permissions unless prior documentation, proving that the aircraft included in the application is equipped with ACAS II/TCAS II Version 7, has been received. This documentation requirement comes into force with immediate effect.

It will in many cases appear in the operator's Air Operator Certificate (AOC), under Operations Specifications, Part B Aircraft, which aircraft are equipped with ACAS/TCAS. It may also be specified in the aircraft's Certificate of Airworthiness. Alternatively one of the following documents may be used as documentation:

- an ACAS Compliance Statement from Eurocontrol (ACAS Programme Manager), or
- a written statement, stamped and signed by the Civil Aviation Authority of the State in which the Operator is registered, or
- a written statement, stamped and signed by the Operator's General Manager or Technical Director.

Please observe that it must appear clearly from the documentation that the equipment installed is ACAS II/ TCAS II Version 7. The denomination " ACAS II" in a document issued by the civil aviation authority of a state will usually mean Version 7, and will be accepted as documentation. The denomination "TCAS" or "TCAS II" is, however, not complete and must be supplied with "Version 7".