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New National Regulation on Validation- and Flight Inspection Organisations

Civil Aviation Authority Norway, (CAA-N), has on 27 October 2015 adopted a new national Regulation on Validation- and Flight Inspection Organisations. The Regulation repeals Regulation 27 June 2011 No 655 (forskrift om kontrollflyorganisasjoner mv.). The Regulation will be published on the CAA-N webpage as BSL G 9-1.

The Regulation maintains the implementation of ICAO DOC 8071 Volume I and Volume II in Norwegian law. In addition to this ICAO DOC 9906 Volume V and Volume VI are now implemented in Norwegian law.
Validation and Flight Inspection of SCAT-I shall follow the requirements set out in ICAO DOC 8071 Volume II. The reference to FAA Order 8200.41 is withdrawn in the Regulation.

The new Regulation replaces the term "Flight Inspection" with "Validation- and Flight Inspection." Validation- and Flight Inspection Organisations, Flight Inspection Equipment, Validation Pilots and Flight Inspection Manual, are subject to approval by the CAA-N.

The requirement for an operating permit as regulated in the Aviation Act § 8-8 is by January 1 2016 replaced by a requirement for self-declaration for operators who perform specialized aviation operations, cf. Regulation (EU) No. 965/2012, ORO.DEC.100. The Regulation is implemented in Norwegian law by Regulation 7 August 2013 No 956 on Air Operations (BSL D 1-1). Approvals of Flight Inspection Organisations issued according to Regulation 27 June 2011 No 655 are valid until the approval expires. Approved Organisations shall assure compliance with the requirements according to ORO.DEC.100. Further information on requirements and deadlines is available in AIC-N 16/15.

Guidance Material to the new Regulation will be available at our webpage,