Mandatory Occurrence Reporting in Norway

In Norway, you are required to file a report to the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority about any occurrence you are involved with. The requirement to report is personal and mandatory. Please read this carefully, to understand why it is completely harmless to report, to learn why it is essential that you actually take your time to file a report and to better understand the importance of your contribution.

What rights do I have?

Norway is a country with established "Just Culture" in aviation. Defined by ICAO and adopted by its members, Just Culture is: “A culture where front line operators are not punished for actions, omissions or decisions taken by them that are commensurate with their experience and training, but where gross negligence, willful violations and destructive acts are not tolerated.” The Norwegian Aviation Act states protection rules related to occurrence reporting, including confidentiality and banning of sanctions.

What does this really mean?

There will be taken no sanctions against anyone involved in an occurrence. The exception is if someone harms anyone on purpose, damages anything on purpose or intentionally creates a dangerous situation.

Why should I report?

There is a need to learn from accidents and incidents so as to take appropriate action to prevent the repetition of such events. In addition, it is important that even apparently minor occurrences are reported to the local authorities, in order to prevent catalysts for major accidents. Analysis and investigation are necessary and effective means of improving safety, by learning the appropriate lessons from occurrences and adopting preventative actions.

What shall be reported?

All occurrences, also seemingly insignificant incidents, shall be reported. The Norwegian Civil Aviation Regulation A 1-3 Attachment 1, 2 and 3 are example lists of reportable occurrences. Note that these are lists of examples witch serve as a guideline, and only cover a part of what operators and individuals are obligated to report.

How will my reported information be used?

Your and others' contributions are essential in our work to improve aviation safety. Filed reports are subject to confidentiality, and are not available to the media or other parties in aviation (or elsewhere). Reported occurrences will be made anonymous and filed in the Norwegian national database, where they will be included in different statistics and summaries used to improve aviation safety. Some of these statistics will be published on our website ( Accidents and serious incidents will investigated by the Norwegian Accident Investigation Board.

Where/How can I file a report?

We have an electronic reporting form called "NF-2007". This form is found on the state portal at Here it is easy for foreign operators and individuals to sign up and report, even without Norwegian Social Security Number. Please give all relevant information regarding the occurrence when you file a report.

Follow the step by step guide with screenshots on how to register at