Safety indicators

CAA Norway have developed a set of safety performance indicators to be able to monitor the safety of the aviation system making use of the incidents even with low severity. A total of 33 indicators (SPI’s) are clearly defined parameters and safety areas which are supporting the losses we have presented by accident rates and accident categories.

Some of these indicators are precursors to known historical accidents and some are factors or errors/mistakes that could be contributing factors to future accidents. Some indicators express safety performance within a sector or certain domains of the aviation system, but others are shared between different disciplines (e.g. Runway incursion and Birdstrike).

7 indicators have been partially published here for public and industry to see the national levels and developments within these areas. Contribution and involvement by operators, units and persons are not included on these public views to prevent misuse of information, and to remain the confidentiality which is fundamental to the reporting community and flow of information. More detailed statistics are used for monitoring and oversight at CAA Norway.

Occurrence reporting from all disciplines within the aviation system is a precondition for overview and valid safety information to be gathered and presented. At CAA Norway we check and correct all submitted reports (NF-2007) and merge different report into singe occurrences. Then we update categories, Event coding and supplement with relevant background information that is available from the narratives.