Accident and rates

These are measurements from accidents and flight hours by Norwegian registered aircraft.

Accidents involves losses with serious injury and/or substantial damages to aircraft, and the international definition has been relatively stable over time. They are suitable to express the long term safety levels and to make comparisons between types of aviation and between countries/regions. To normalize the accidents yearly we make rates (or historical frequencies) from flight hours for different types of aviation.

We have divided into 5 types of commercial aviation, which are based on international definitions:

  • Scheduled Operations are Commercial Air Transport (CAT) by fixed-wing aircraft in scheduled flights with both passenger jet and turboprop aircraft.
  • Charter flights are passenger transport with medium or heavy aircraft which are not scheduled.
  • Commercial other fixed-wing is all other types of commercial flying, except from Scheduled and Charter operations, such as Air Taxi, Aerial Work, Ambulance etc.
  • Offshore Helicopter is the personnel transport to and from the offshore installation by heavy helicopters.
  • Light helicopter inland is commercial aviation which is not offshore transport.

The main types of General Aviation displayed are:

  • Fixed-wing aircraft with engine, predominantly light aircraft and single engine. Both club flying, schooling and private/recreational flying included.
  • Gliders, with or without engine