Step by step guide

This is a guide for ‘foreign operators’ and ‘individuals without Norwegian social security number’, on how to register at the state portal “”. This is required to be able to fulfill the personal obligation to file a report about any occurrence you are involved with.

The registration:

1. Go to and click "English" in the top right corner
2. Click "My profile" or "Log on"
3. Choose "Proceed to alternative log-in methods"
4. "View the list of options"
5. Click to "Register without personal ID number/D number":
5. Complete the registration form. You are now able to log in with your chosen User name and Password.

The reporting form - NF-2007

1. Make sure you are on the Altinn front page (Click on the Altinn logo in the top left corner to get there).
2. Click the tab "Forms and Services"
3. Search for the form "NF-2007"
4. Click on the Search result to get to the form
5. Here you find some general information about NF-2007, click the following link to proceed:
6. If you have not yet logged in, you will be prompted to do so here. Choose the "Password" option as indicated on the screenshot below, and enter your chosen User name and Password.