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Special requirements for operators performing commercial air transportation into certain Norwegian aerodromes.
Voluntary Reporting involves the collection of any safety data on actual or potential safety deficiencies that may not be captured by the mandatory reporting requirements.


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Expanded restrictions for EC225PL and AS332L2

The Norwegian CAA has, with immediate effect from June 1 2016, expanded the restrictions for operations with helicopters EC225PL and AS332L2. The restrictions now also apply to the use of these helicopter types in search and rescue (SAR) operations.

Information on the Eurocopter accident on April 29 2016

An Eurocopter EC225LP crashed west of Bergen on April 29. All 11 passengers and 2 crew members lost their lives in the accident, which is the first fatal accident in Norwegian offshore operations since 1997. The helicopter, registration LN-OJF, was operated by CHC.

Background Check

The purpose of the background check is to prevent that persons who may pose a risk to aviation are given access to airports and aviation facilities, or be approved for key positions in the aviation industry. Furthermore, the requirements for background checks help ensure public confidence in civil aviation. If you have any questions regarding your application for a background check, you can find answers to your questions here.

Examiner Brief

In accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 and Commission Regulation (EU) 290/2012, both amended by Commission Regulation (EU) No 245/2014, EASA has published a document named Examiner Differences Document. In this document you will find the administrative procedures that examiners must comply with. The procedures are related to amendments to FCL.1015, FCL.1030 and the new ARA.FCL.210 requirements. The Examiner Differences Document is a common document valid for all Member States.

National Civil Aviation Facilitation Programme (NCAFP)

Facilitation may be defined as a combination of measures and human and material resources intended to improve and optimize aircraft, crew, passenger and cargo flows at airports while ensuring compliance with relevant international and national legislation.

VFR Guide for Norway - 2017 Edition

The CAA Norway has updated its VFR Guide. The booklet is made to assist you as a VFR pilot in your planning and conduct of flight within Norwegian airspace. Here you can download it for free.

NOTEX 2014/4 E

Temporary Ratings and Temporary Permission

Forms for Flight Crew Licencing

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